Nadi History

Nadi history

 There were 18 major siddhars like konganar, kalanki Nadhar, sivavakkiyar, Agasthiyar, Bogar and others that influenced many ancient Tamil literature and philosophy.

 They were particularly known for their manuscripts made on dried and smoked palm leaf with iron nail known as palm leaf manuscripts or olai chuvadi or tala patra which would be used in later centuries to make predictions about the future.

 Our predecessors have a place with the valluvar position and the valluvars were viewed as the cleric of the Pallava lords who ruled over significant pieces of south India for around 600 years. Valluvars were answerable for directing customs and services even before the Brahmins. Yet, what put them aside from the remainder of clerics was that they expertised in Astrology, medication and stargazing by decoding olai chuvadi or palm leaf original copies composed by these 18 Siddhars, their predictions were so acclaimed to the point that they were placed in an elevated place in the social progressive system and regarded and esteemed over a Brahmin.

 It was also believed that many kings far from the north would come just to get a prediction from them after waiting for months to find and accomplish their karma (life’s purpose).

 Pallava kingdom spoke Sanskrit , Tamil, Telugu and Prakrit as common language at that time but used Pallava script for literary purposes then later switched to grandha which is similar to Pallava script as It is derived from it.

 Thiruvalluvar famously known for writing thiru kural is also believed to be a valluvar, and hence the palm leaf manuscripts used for writing the thiru kural.

 Then later during the British rule, it came to their notice that there are inscribed manuscripts that can predict people’s future and they forced many valluvar astrologers to decipher it for them or help them translate it to English but the astrologers disobeyed. Hence, many manuscripts were put to fire resulting in mass destruction of these and many were even stolen and taken away to Britain and can be found in a few museums too.

 Yet a considerable number of scripts were safe guarded and preserved by many valluvars, priests and royals too as they knew the value of these inscriptions.

 Also, We were to demonstrate our character and heredity, standing, gotra to recover them back after the autonomy and a large portion of them were recovered to us particularly a significant piece of original copies of Sivavakkiyar and agasthyiar, however couple of compositions arrived at other people who were not valluvars and few despite the fact that had a place with our rank weren't prepared to peruse Grantha or make an expectation, thus the various Nadi Astrology focuses began arising making bogus, misdirecting forecast making individuals question the legitimacy of nadi crystal gazing in itself and brought about individuals having enhanced suppositions and accepts about it.Few were even accepted to be copied for these reasons.

 We are still trying to collect more of authentic tala patras and put them to good use of making accurate and reliable predictions using our own astrologers of at least 10 years of experience to help solve people’s problems and also guarantee a refund if you aren’t happy with a prediction as we believe that nadi astrology is a divine service that is incomplete without our customer satisfied that we value the most.

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